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Who’s ringing me? Is it a scam?

If someone rings you and says they are from your Internet Service Provider or your Telecom company, or even the Taxation Office or anywhere else stating you have to do something, choose something, log in somewhere, you have a virus, your account is about to be closed, you have to change to a new company, then take it as a given that they are a scam.

If confused for any reason there are two main things NOT to do.

Don’t give Remote Access to the caller. Don’t type anything they ask you to into your computer, especially the address bar. Do not touch your computer while you are confused or unsure.

The big one, DO NOT provide any bank or Credit Card details to the caller, at all!

Hang UP. And if you want to try to discourage them from recalling tell them your computer broke months ago and it hasn’t worked since. Tell them you’re too old to have a computer. And then hang up, if you haven’t already 🙂

If it’s slightly different from the above ask them to put it in writing to you. And hang up 🙂

After hanging up if unsure, ring your bank, or ISP or Taxation Department and tell them you had the call, the will undoubtedly tell you its a scam. If still unsure, ring your Computer technician you use and ask them what they think.

So, don’t touch the PC while they are on the phone, that way you cannot do any harm, and never provide bank or credit card details.

If they give you a number to call them back, to prove they are real, don’t call it. If you have any thought they might be genuine just simply ask what department you should call back to discuss it, and then hang up, use the number from your own directory or the number from your banks web page and call and tell them of the call and ask is there any problem or was it a scam call.

Remember, it most likely is a scam call, so don’t get in a conversation with them.

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