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Can you come to my home or business?

Yes, we can come to your home or business.If you are more than 15 minutes from our office there will be a small callout fee.

Can you tell me how much it will cost before you carry out work?

Yes, before any major work is done you will be informed of the expected price.

If i want my computer reformatted can i bring it to you?

Yes, if you want your PC reformatted and are close by we can pick up and drop off, otherwise you can bring it to us and pick up, or if need be you can courier it to us and have it couriered back at your expense.

Are you competitively priced?

The Happy PC is competitive or cheaper than most other repair businesses.

Do you have pensioner discount?

Yes, for people on a pension that mention it to us before we start work we offer a 10% labor discount.